YELI takes initiative to capitalize youth workforce

Burundi is a country whose 70% of its active population is condemned to poverty by unemployment and rural based. Youth who are supposed to be the main asset of the society are unemployed. Youth needs to be made aware of unfolding realities and be innovative. As a country, Burundi has to realize time has come to introduce new modules and extracurricular activities to capitalize the youth potentiality at the place work.

YELI takes initiative to capitalize youth workforce by equipping them with entrepreneurial skills
Burundi is a country whose 70% of its active population is condemned to poverty by unemployment and rural based. Youth who are supposed to be the main asset of the society are unemployed. Their integration into the labor market was the best solution for our economic development and peace building in a country recovering from a couple decade of civil war.
The great challenge is the prevalence of youth underemployment in rural areas and unemployment in urban areas. 90% of Burundians are traditional farmers with archaic means of cultivating; industrializing the agricultural system with modern technology would be a response to the plague of unemployment affecting the country.
The country releases each year a huge number of graduates in country of a quasi-inexistence of companies ready to capitalize these young people, this becomes a perplexing issue in the country. This lack of entrepreneurial skills accompanied by the false belief that government can offer jobs in an unproductive state is another challenge. Burundi needs to change her education system to counteract these challenges.
Conclusively, Burundi has to realize that time has come to introduce new modules and extracurricular activities that include the learning of craft skills. These types of skills should be included in general education and at the university level in order for young people to be able to grab job opportunities or create some. Farmers need to be empowered and educated to integrate the modern way of doing things, youths need to be made aware of unfolding realities.
With that awareness, the Yeli takes initiative to capitalize these youth workforce by equipping them with entrepreneurial skills throughout ongoing workshops hosted by different expert from different walk of life to meet the needs of the Youth and empower them to action and self-reliance. Together we can create some jobs for ourselves and others...
UNFPA veut appuyer les organisations de la jeunesse pour l'élaboration d'une plateforme digitale qui va permettre aux jeunes filles et garçons de partager leurs expériences, d'apprendre,de s'informer et de se former à distance et à moindre coùt.
The PVE Youth Blast is aimed to contribute to peaceful and sustainable societies. In fact, we believe that including youths in the pursuit of peaceful and inclusive societies free of Violent Extremism must remain one of the central aims for which PVE policies are created globally. This is on account of the inextricable link between the increasing number of youths joining violent and extremist groups and the increasing threat of such terror groups.
With the support of UNFPA Burundi Country Office, Youth Empowerment and Leadership Initiative (YELI-Burundi) in partnership with WORLD PEACE INITIATIVE, COMMON GROUND CENTER and WORLD MERIT BURUNDI are organizing the DIGITAL YOUTH CONSULTATION ON PVE (Preventing Violent Extremism).
THEME:Effective Cooperation for Building CommunityResilience Against Violent Extremism The International Youth Action Against Terrorism (IYAAT)in Partnership with theAfrican Initiative for Women in Africa (AIWA Forum) and YELI Burundiwill hold the maiden International Youths Conference on Counter-Terrorism from 4th to 6th February 2016 in Nairobi, Kenya. This is planned to involve Delegates from UN member countries.
In its Empowerment Program YELI has launched the Village Savings and Loans Associations (VSLA) program to initiate savings and loan's competences among youth (Single Mothers, Deaf People, youth Clubs)
The IYCCT will bring together 200 youth Participants and leaders drawn from CVE (Countering Violent Extremism) impact countries.However,The IYCCT budget will only cover the Accommodation,meals and onsite transport (To and from the airport and during the conference) for 100 participants.The other 100 participants will be self sponsored.
After realizing a need to youth empowerment, The YELI Lead Team in partnership with a local Radio COLOMBE F.M proposed a radio program called Future Leaders Show with a mission to awaken youth to self-reliance, awareness and confidence.
The night of 8th February 2014, many Burundian families lost their loved ones and Were left empty-handed due to the floods and landslides which washed away All their belongings. YELI, recognizing a need, stepped in to assist in molding bricks and help to build some unsheltered families, victims of the flood from Buterere and enable these mostly hit families to start their life Afresh. This particular kind of support had successfully brought back hope and smile on these victims of the tragedy
At the time that Burundi which is a French speaking country, strives to succeed with its integration in the East African Community and current global village due to communication barrier. The Burundian government decided to offer a code of motivation for Burundians at large and young people in particular to improve their oral and written expression in English by introducing English classes in the school syllabus from primary school . Still, challenges related to the problems in English language which is a viable tool of communication at the market place in this global village and especially within this community, constitute a major obstacle to Burundian people in general, and especially the youth; Which in the end , still limit the youth`s potentiality at the market place.